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Emergency Reporting provides a cloud-based Fire and EMS Records Management Software that enables agencies to manage their departments and complete NFIRS and NEMSIS reports. The ER system is a comprehensive ecosystem that integrates with the top names in the Fire and EMS software industry, providing a scalable solution that fits every department’s needs. Ultimately, it is an easy-to-use and time-saving solution that tracks the crucial data needed to justify budgets, effectively manage crews, track resources, and provide legal protection in the case of an ISO audit or lawsuit.

Agencies that implement Emergency Reporting gain improved insight into incident response metrics, patient care and resource management. The intuitive reporting modules provide real time data acceptance, and combine Fire and EMS data into one single report that complies with NFIRS and NEMSIS 3 standards. A custom home dashboard can be configured for each user, providing quick access to the information that is the most crucial for each role.

Supporting over 379,000 first responders, Emergency Reporting is consistently named the #1 most trusted RMS for Fire departments and EMS agencies of all sizes. Want to find out why? Keep reading:

Honesty and Stability

Core values

We always aim to maintain our six core values in everything we do at ER: Industry Integrity, Consistent Innovation, Team Appreciation, Ongoing Relevance, Fire Service Advocacy & Responsible Stewards. Read more about our core values here.

Fire and EMS experience

Our staff has a combined 496 years of Fire/EMS service experience, with 51 just in senior management and 226 among our trainers.

Same ownership since 2003

ER is a stable and reliable company, led and managed by the same ownership team with Fire/EMS background.

Emergency Reporting: Four Pillars

Customer Support

ER offers 24/7/365 world-class customer support, including U.S.-based phone support, live chat and screen-sharing. Many of our customers say our outstanding support is one of the reasons why they’ve chosen ER over competitors.

Here’s what one of our customers says:


Our unique, one-stop shopping ER Ecosystem delivers all the ancillary products you need, smoothly integrated into Emergency Reporting’s reporting system for a seamless flow of data. Our products are built to accommodate a myriad of existing solutions and APIs. We’re able to create custom interfaces to ensure that data is successfully pushed or pulled from one system to another with minimal hassle, making your job easier. Since our ecosystem of affiliate and referral partners allows us to provide a one-stop solution, if you want to add an existing product from your toolkit to our system – or vice versa – our wide network of partners makes it easy.


Unlimited concurrent users

There’s no limit on the number of users for the same low cost.

Robust, comprehensive package

Save time by completing one report instead of two.

Continuously adding and improving

Includes automatic system upgrades.

These customers are glad they made the switch to ER:

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