Customer Testimonials

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  • “As a Fire District committed to meeting the emergency services needs of our community in a professional and cost-effective manner, the need for accurate data and metrics is essential. The former records management system we used allowed us to push data in with a bulldozer, but limited pulling it out in a useful metric with tweezers. Now that we’ve switched to Emergency Reporting, we have a comprehensive RMS that allows the data entered to be used in a wide array of applications. The data assists us in strategic planning, the ISO survey, preplanning, and our community risk analysis. I have found Emergency Reporting to be responsive to our needs. The ER team is a dedicated group of professionals committed to designing an RMS for the needs of an ever-increasing, complex fire service.”

    Ron Lindroth, Fire Chief
    Ron Lindroth, Fire Chief Central Valley Fire District (MT)
  • “When our department was using FIREHOUSE Software, the majority of our fire and life safety inspection records were on paper. Then we made the change to Emergency Reporting, which has streamlined our inspection process and record keeping. I no longer have to search extensive paper files for records. Our inspection reports can be completed on site, signed and emailed or printed on a portable printer. I no longer have to make an extra trip back to the building to hand deliver reports.”

    David LaCelle, Lieutenant/Fire Code Official
    David LaCelle, Lieutenant/Fire Code Official City of Jerome Fire Department (ID)
  • “I am pleased with how fast my issue was taken care of. This helped me stay on top of my normal daily duties and not worry about having to take care of things over the next few shifts.”

    Nick Henle, Firefighter, EMT, EMS Training Coordinator Yakima County Fire District #4 (WA)


  • “Before Emergency Reporting, we were like a typical fire department and using a lot of books and binders. Being able to manage information, do inspections and do inventory – and not have to fill out paperwork that needs to be transcribed – has allowed us to manage much more effectively for the last five years. It’s made my job much easier.”

    Jim Rebitski, Assistant Fire Chief
    Jim Rebitski, Assistant Fire Chief Black Forest Fire and Rescue (CO)
  • “We switched from our old software program to the Emergency Reporting system 5 years ago, and it has been a great asset to our agency. ER is so easy to use and very powerful; inspections can easily be completed in the field or before departure. Anything we can do to make things safer and more efficient for our responders will enhance the safety of the community as a whole.”

    Rick L. Young, Fire Prevention Officer/Investigator Castle Rock Fire and Rescue Department (CO)
  • “Emergency Reporting has become an essential tool for our organization. As a Fire Chief I am able to check the status on several programs in a short period of time. The analytics function has allowed me to determine what deployment strategy is most appropriate for our District. I recommend ER to anyone looking to enhance their record keeping ability.”

    Jason Robitaille, Fire Chief
    Jason Robitaille, Fire Chief Calaveras Consolidated Fire Protection District (CA)


  • “You have built a company with the highest integrity I have ever seen. Everyone that I have spoken to – Tom Louis, Lee Kleve, and a few others – have always treated me with such high regard, that I can’t stop talking about how great your company is. I even tell everyone that someday I want to work for ER. I don’t know how you did it, but you have managed to hire some of the most honorable people on the planet. Please, don’t change what you are doing. ER is the epitome of what a great company should be.”

    Winfrid Melendez, Fire Captain USAG Fort Buchanan (Puerto Rico)
  • “With our old software, Chief would call and need a call or call times from a report and unless I was at the station or a particular machine, I couldn’t give it to him. Now, with Emergency Reporting, I can. The most appealing features of ER is the fact that I can have as many users as needed and that it is web-based and can be accessed from anywhere with internet access. Having multiple people with the ability to input reports saves time. When it comes to analytics, ER does all the work for me. The pre-designated reports and statistics are essential when grant time comes around. The ability to maintain all the calls and submit them to the state is great. This used to have to be done by hard copy and snail mail. We were recently provided a reporting system that will be provided by the state free of charge for reporting and we voted to continue to pay for ER because of the ease of operation and the customer support that we receive when needed. You definitely get your money’s worth with this program and its potential is limitless.”

    Clayton Myers, Deputy Fire Chief
    Clayton Myers, Deputy Fire Chief Semora Volunteer Fire Department (NC)
  • “After years of using FIREHOUSE Software, the inadequacy of certain aspects led us to switch to Emergency Reporting, and we have been thrilled with the outcome. We began by instituting incident reports and the daily log feature in early 2016. Then we began to utilize the other features, one month at a time, and now are fully keeping almost all records on ER. We are able to track our fractile times to determine how we are doing according to ISO and their recommendations regarding dispatch, turnout, and response times. We had our ISO visit in July of 2017, and as this was my first ISO audit in my current position, my stress level was at an all-time high prior to the audit. But with ER, the process was incredibly simple compared to the horror stories of years past. The function of running a search for the types of training ISO is concerned with and filtering out all others made my life easy. The hours tracked for each of our members for Driver/Operator Training, Hazmat Training, Facilities Used at our Training Academy, Company Training, and Officer Training were all able to be filtered out and downloaded into an Excel spreadsheet. A huge ‘Thank You’ is owed to ER’s developers, staff, and trainers. The incredible program we now have at the Panama City Fire Department is simple to use when completing fire reports, EMS reports, training entries, occupancy management information, inventory and maintenance. We are able to better track our times to see where improvements can be made and where ‘pats on the back’ are deserved. And having the ability to access the program from anywhere is a huge benefit compared to the old days of being attached to a server. Thanks, ER!!”

    Scott Flitcraft, Training Chief
    Scott Flitcraft, Training Chief Panama City Fire Department (FL)
  • “I have personally used a total of three fire department RMS systems in the course of my career and Emergency Reporting is by far the best! We have had nothing but a wonderful experience since moving from our old product to ER. Crew members literally finish NFIRS reports on the way back from a call riding backwards. It’s super easy, customizable, expandable, and they listen to customers!”

    Joe Mera, Deputy Fire Chief
    Joe Mera, Deputy Fire Chief Leesburg Fire Rescue (FL)
  • “Emergency Reporting is a very simple system to use. When putting in a Fire Report there are many boxes and places to make sure you get all the information you need. It works great for keeping all training files together, and the maintenance program is a nice feature to have so you don’t have spreadsheets everywhere. Thank you for a great product.”

    Scott Russell, Captain
    Scott Russell, Captain LaBelle Fire Department (FL)
  • “We had our previous software for 12 years before switching to Emergency Reporting about a year ago. It’s so much easier to use as we speed right through reports. We are able to save time because all of our paper reports are consolidated now; daily apparatus checks, pre-plans, maintenance and the occupancy module…all can be completed in the field with iPads so we can input more data, faster, on the spot, including pictures. We paid more for this system, but it was well worth it.”

    Mike Brubaker, Fire Chief
    Mike Brubaker, Fire Chief City of Loudon Fire Department (TN)
  • “We decided to go with Emergency Reporting about a month ago and we are loving it. It’s very user-friendly and makes it easy to manage your station. We run a total of seven stations and Emergency Reporting works perfect for us.”

    Sean Reardon, Captain
    Sean Reardon, Captain Lincoln County Fire Protection District (KY)
  • “Ease of use was one of the things that led me toward ER. From logging in (users can reset their own passwords instead of bothering an Administrator or ER Support, nor do they have to visit some other password management website that they can never remember the URL to), to the simplicity of completing NFIRS and EMS reports, to running administrative reports...'EASY' was one of the requirements I looked for when researching a new RMS."

    Byron Sutton, Deputy Fire Chief
    Byron Sutton, Deputy Fire Chief Gordon County Fire-Rescue (GA)


  • “The Morris County Active Chiefs Alliance in New Jersey has seen a number of different systems over the years, but they were not user friendly and were expensive, as each module was sold separately. After some research, our group contacted your sales representative, who gave a demonstration and had any interested parties run a demo version. Immediately, the departments that decided to use your product advised the group of how satisfied they were and how easy the system was to use. ER offered many of the everyday reporting modules needed for the fire service, such as LOSAP, maintenance, training, and more. ER has now been in Morris County since 2013, with the majority of fire departments using the system. We continue to hear nothing but good feedback. The Morris County Active Chiefs Alliance continues to promote ER and is extremely satisfied with its performance.”

    David Kaplan, President
    David Kaplan, President Morris County Alliance of Active Fire Chiefs (NJ)
  • “We used FIREHOUSE Software for over ten years, and now our time to complete basic incident reporting is substantially less than before. We are also capturing data at a more useful level. We are very pleased with the ease of use of ER.”

    Bill Gaughan, Asst. Fire Chief
    Bill Gaughan, Asst. Fire Chief Peters Township Fire Department (PA)
  • “We are a unique ER user. Our department is Emergency Services, made up of a county 911 center, Emergency Management, EMS, County Haz-mat, Fire Training Academy and the Fire Marshal’s Office (investigations & inspection). Every division uses the ER product. ER has proven to be very easy to learn, making data entry extremely simple and NOT time consuming. As for the cost of ER, it’s a more reasonable cost compared to the other systems we worked with. In addition, you get a lot of bang for your buck.”

    Donald A. Brucker, Chief Deputy Fire Marshal
    Donald A. Brucker, Chief Deputy Fire Marshal Allegheny County Emergency Services (PA)
  • “We use Emergency Reporting for every call, inventory, service equipment, members certs, calendar, personnel information and more. It makes life easy for our department!”

    Captain John C. Harriott, Sr.
    Captain John C. Harriott, Sr. Harris Gardens Fire Co., Union Beach Fire Department (NJ)
  • “I’ve been using Emergency Reporting for about 2 years for our PennFIRS reports and it’s really easy to navigate and keep track of everyone’s calls, etc. I also like that it’s web-based and you can access it from anywhere you want.”

    Randy Schmucker, Firefighter
    Randy Schmucker, Firefighter Keating Fire Company (PA)
  • “I don’t know what I did wrong but Emergency Reporting’s customer support had it resolved fast and I was back doing reports in no time. If this was FIREHOUSE I would be waiting at least 24 hours.”

    John Painter, Administrator Walnuttown Fire Co. (PA)
  • “Emergency Reporting is so much better than FIREHOUSE!! I get to talk to an actual person when I call or I get a fast e-mail response. LOVE YOU GUYS!”

    Ann Harach, Administrator Blue Rock Fire Rescue (PA)

Great Lakes Region

  • “Several years ago, I was completely frustrated with our RMS. It was written in an antiquated database, and you couldn’t get the information you needed. Despite continued promises by the vendor that things were going to change, it never got any better. Thus, my mission to find the right RMS began. I reviewed all the software packages out there and landed on Emergency Reporting. From cloud-based access and storage, reporting, interfacing with our CAD and ePCR, etc., ER has been everything I envisioned and more.”

    Christopher Sewell, Fire Chief
    Christopher Sewell, Fire Chief Flossmoor Fire Department (IL)
  • “We switched from FIREHOUSE to Emergency Reporting in 2012. ER is by far the easiest and most flexible fire RMS on the market. It’s simple and easy to use, with no-nonsense reports and analytics. We no longer waste time with data entry, server issues, or getting data out! It is all seamless with ER.”

    Brian P. Kazmierzak, Chief of Training/Battalion 5C
    Brian P. Kazmierzak, Chief of Training/Battalion 5C Penn Twp. Fire Department (IN)
  • “Emergency Reporting is so user friendly – I would never go back to one of their competitors!”

    Shawn Young, Fire Chief
    Shawn Young, Fire Chief Western Holmes County Fire District (OH)