Emergency Reporting in the Classroom

By Tom Louis


Emergency Reporting is excited to be helping train the next generation of fire and EMS professionals. At Central Nine High School in Greenwood, Indiana, ER is an integral part of preparing future EMTs and firefighters for successful careers in public safety.  Students at Central Nine access both their learning management system and Emergency Reporting on 25 classroom Chromebooks.


“They are able to access ER and use it daily,” stated Pam Stigall, an EMS Instructor with the program.


Students in the program spend most of their time in the Incidents (especially ePCRs), Calendar, Events and Shifts Modules. The Daily Log is also integrated into their educational routine. “I love the Daily Log and have found it to be extremely useful for making the students accountable for the things they are required to do,” added Stigall.


Additionally, students use the Events Module to track class attendance and to schedule clinicals on ambulances.


The Incidents Module provides them real-world ePCR documentation practice since the students respond as the ERT (Emergency Response Team) for any illness or injury on the school campus. “We have a LOT of Culinary students cut their fingers!” said Stigall, “Since we can now track these easily, the students can also use these to count toward the State patient contact requirement. Our student officers take a Chromebook on each ERT call and start the PCR on scene.”


Next up for Central Nine is implementation of the Training and Payroll Modules.


“Our goal is to prepare students to work in EMS right after graduation,” concluded Stigall, “so anything we can do to make our class more like working for an actual ambulance company is a bonus and ER is really helping us organize that.” She proudly explained some of the students are hired by private ambulances companies even before graduation.


All of us all at Emergency Reporting are thrilled to be helping create Indiana’s future public safety professionals. Keep up the good work, Central Nine. We are expecting great things from you!


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