Report Your Data

As a first responder, you collect and report a lot of information. Your station’s filing cabinets and notebooks are filled with stacks of information that can help keep your community safe. But how do you get a grasp on all of that information?

Put simply, that is what Emergency Reporting does. We provide your team with a single system that lets you easily collect and organize all of your data. Perhaps more importantly, we provide you with a way to understand that data. Report your NFIRS data to the state or federal government with the click of a button. Use our comprehensive Reports Module to track and measure department goals. Explore our Analytics Module to create custom response time benchmarks or see how your station stacks up to the NFPA 1710/1720 standards of cover.

Sign up today for a free trial of our system to see how much easier it could be for you to organize your data.

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