Choosing the right Fire and EMS records management software can be a daunting task. This objective new Buyer’s Guide tells you exactly what to look for.

Bellingham, WA – Emergency Reporting (ER), a leader in cloud-based Fire and EMS records management, has released a free, impartial e-book to assist fire chiefs, IT managers and Fire/EMS administrators who are searching for the right Records Management System (RMS) for their departments. The Fire/EMS Software Buyer’s Guide is available for download on ER’s website.

The free Buyer’s Guide outlines the top things to consider when purchasing new Fire and EMS RMS software (such as hardware and network requirements), as well as the key features that a high-quality RMS should include (such as a fully-integrated ePCR). The guide also includes a handy checklist to use during every stage of the process.

“Fire and EMS agencies often spend a vast amount of time searching for, comparing and selecting a high-quality records management system that will meet their needs for accurate and efficient incident reporting, data management and other station management tasks,” said Stewart Smith, Product Owner at ER. “The options can seem overwhelming – but they don’t have to be. We created this resource to help make this often-difficult decision an easy one to make.”

Download the free Fire/EMS Software Buyer’s Guide here: For more information about Emergency Reporting’s Records Management System, visit, or click here for a free demo:

About Emergency Reporting
Emergency Reporting (ER) is the largest cloud-based Fire records management solution (RMS) in the world. Integrated with EMS for easy, one-report filing of NFIRS and NEMSIS data, ER provides industry-leading solutions that allow Fire & EMS departments to run their entire operations efficiently and effectively, enhancing both firefighter and citizen safety. The company provides the easiest-to-use system on the market and migrates nearly 100 agencies per month from their old RMS to ER’s. Supporting more than 350,000 first responders at nearly 6,000 civilian Fire/Rescue and EMS agencies and more than 170 DoD/military installations worldwide – as well as large entities with self-contained Fire & EMS services like NASA, nuclear power plants, hospitals and oil refineries – the company is well-known as the most reliable and stable Fire & EMS RMS provider. Founded in January 2003 in Bellingham, WA, the company’s co-founders and shareholders remain involved in daily operations and committed to providing the most powerful yet affordable SaaS solutions. For more information, visit

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