A State of the Art Solution: Pennsylvania and Emergency Reporting Team Up

On July 1, 2015, Emergency Reporting will become the preferred records management partner of the Pennsylvania Office of the State Fire Commissioner (OFSC). As a result of this partnership, every fire department in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has the opportunity to begin using Emergency Reporting for reporting their incident data to the Pennsylvania Fire Information Reporting System PennFIRS. There is no cost to each department since Emergency Reporting is the state sponsored records management solution.

The team at the OFSC recognized the need to have a reliable, accurate, and user-friendly platform for the nearly 2,400 departments in their state. We are pleased they chose Emergency Reporting. We are especially honored for this privilege since Pennsylvania is home of the first fire company in colonial America. Benjamin Franklin founded the Union Fire Company in 1736 in the great city of Philadelphia. Once again, Pennsylvania is leading the way in the fire industry by choosing the nation’s premier records management solution for their reporting needs.

Our Incident Module is fully NFIRS-compliant and used by nearly 100,000 first responders worldwide. Every fire department in Pennsylvania will also have access to the Administration, Library, Reports, My Profile and Daybook Modules as part of the PennFIRS package. This suite of modules will take Pennsylvania to a higher level of incident reporting and overall fire company management.

This unique partnership kicked off its first public event together at the Annual Pennsylvania Fire Expo held at the Farm Show and Expo Center in Harrisburg on May 15-17, 2015. During the three-day event thousands of firefighters from the region visited hundreds of product and service providers from across the country. The ER/OSFC team visited with hundreds of firefighters and officers ready and eager to take their reporting capabilities to the next level. We even registered many departments on the spot for their new PennFIRS account.

This is just the beginning of a long and rewarding relationship. In the weeks ahead, we will be conducting online webinars and onsite training to get everyone up to speed. We will also have online articles and videos to assist all of our new users with a smooth transition.

On behalf of The Pennsylvania Office of the State Fire Commissioner and Emergency Reporting, we want to welcome the Pennsylvania fire service community to the Emergency Reporting Family. For more info, check out this Intro to PennFIRS video!