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Emergency Reporting is now part of ESO. To learn more about how ESO is using the power of data to improve community health and safety, click here.

New clients are guided through the account activation and setup process by our team of implementation and training staff. To get you up and running as quickly as possible, a member of our implementation team will contact you to welcome you aboard and to discuss what we’ll need to get you started.

Once we’ve got your data imported, your account is created and configured with a few default settings, and a login and password are sent to you.

To help you make the most of Emergency Reporting, we offer a free two-hour training session to new clients within the first 60 days of activation. Our training staff are all active or retired firefighters who were once Emergency Reporting users, so they are uniquely qualified to help guide you through the system and make sure you feel comfortable with your account.

After onboarding, our support and training teams are always available to help answer your questions. We are passionate about getting you onboarded and off to a great start.

  • Fast support via phone, email, GoToAssist, and chat
  • Access to the ER Suggest a Feature area
  • Frequent product updates and news
  • Access to the Emergency Reporting Knowledge Base

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What Makes Emergency Reporting Unique?

More than 754,000 first responders around the globe are served by Emergency Reporting (ER), the easiest-to-use, most reliable and cost-efficient Fire  reporting and records management solution in the industry. Our secure cloud-based records management solution (RMS) is used by more than 7,000 career and volunteer agencies, from small rural departments to metropolitan sized agencies. In fact, we serve more than 170 U.S. DoD entities and military installations worldwide including the U.S. Marine Corps, Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, NASA, DOE, VA, and ARFF.

Here are some of the many benefits that Emergency Reporting users enjoy, and what sets us apart from the rest:

  • Fastest, easiest incident reporting on the market
  • Secure cloud-based records management
  • Web access from anywhere, any time
  • Powerful API interfaces
  • Unlimited concurrent users
  • #1 customer support – Unparalleled phone support with chat and live screen sharing
  • Experienced staff with over 525 years of fire service expertise
  • Customized reports
  • 99.9% uptime and reliability
  • “Zero downtime” updates every two weeks, with quick fixes as needed
  • An ecosystem of partner modules to easily integrate special requirements
  • Multi-browser friendly – the ER system has the unique ability to support many browsers
  • All-in-one solution
Internet Browser Type Sessions
1.      Chrome 45.2%
2.      Internet Explorer 27.62%
3.      Safari 12.95%
4.      Firefox 8.94%
5.      Edge 5.08%
6.      Amazon Silk 0.05%
7.      Safari (in-app) 0.05%
8.      Android Webview 0.05%
9.      Android Browser 0.03%
10.  Opera 0.01%


To compare Emergency Reporting software to your current system, download our Competitor Checklist here.

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Check out what customers have said about why they chose Emergency Reporting:

Rick L. Young, Fire Prevention Officer/Investigator Castle Rock Fire and Rescue Department (CO)

“We switched from our old software program to the Emergency Reporting system 5 years ago, and it has been a great asset to our agency. ER is so easy to use and very powerful; inspections can easily be completed in the field or before departure. Anything we can do to make things safer and more efficient for our responders will enhance the safety of the community as a whole.”

Bill Gaughan, Asst. Fire Chief, Peters Township Fire Department (PA)

“We used FIREHOUSE Software for over ten years, and now our time to complete basic incident reporting is substantially less than before. We are also capturing data at a more useful level. We are very pleased with the ease of use of ER.”

Brian P. Kazmierzak, Chief of Training/Battalion 5C, Penn Twp. Fire Department (PA)

“We switched from FIREHOUSE to Emergency Reporting in 2012. ER is by far the easiest and most flexible fire RMS on the market. It’s simple and easy to use, with no-nonsense reports and analytics. We no longer waste time with data entry, server issues, or getting data out! It is all seamless with ER.”

Read more ER testimonials here. For in-depth case studies on why an Ohio fire department and an Oklahoma fire department made the switch to ER after years of using FIREHOUSE Software, click here.

Easy To Use Packages

Core Packages

Emergency Reporting’s web-based software equips fire agencies with powerful, easy-to-use, integrated, hosted, web-enabled tools for data reporting and station management. These tools can be accessed from any web-connected device, with no special workstations required, unlimited user licenses, and full technical support. Emergency Reporting offers a variety of packages with completely customizable modules and plenty of add-on products to meet the needs of agencies of all sizes.

Fire Package

Fire Package

With our Fire Package, you can use the Analytics Module to track response times and our other 20 powerful modules like Occupancy, Training, and Hydrants to understand your team’s ability to respond effectively at a moment’s notice.

Prevention Package

Fire Prevention Package

With our Fire Prevention Package, you can access and edit occupancy, structure, and hydrant data for your agency’s coverage area, as well as easily complete pre-fire planning forms, and perform on-site inspections.

Add-on Products

Our team understands that every station is unique. All of our products come with integration options for the main product line. Whether you need a Google Maps integration or risk assessment tools, our integrated add-on products give you the flexible options you need to optimize your station management tool set.

Safety Analytics

Safety Analytics

Track your department’s health and safety operations from end-to-end and assess your compliance with NFPA 1500. Know where your agency stands at a glance, track your department’s performance, and integrate health and safety into your management processes.


Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) Integration

CAD integration seamlessly receives, configures, and downloads evolving data directly from 911 dispatch systems. It configures dispatch codes to agency codes, generates real time incident reports, and allows stations to run reports on the fly.

Maps Integration

Google Maps Integration

Visually understand your district or coverage area in new and powerful ways. Map incidents, hydrants and occupancies by type, use advanced filtering to pinpoint incidents categorically, or even view color-coded occupancies by Hazard Score (add on with VISION package).

VISION Risk Assessment

VISION™ Risk Assessment

VISION™ makes it easier for agencies to analyze and understand risks in their communities. Rather than relying on the ISO, you can rate every building in your community with VISION™. Available as an add-on to the Emergency Reporting system or as a stand-alone product.