Need more information about Emergency Reporting? Our white paper downloads provide you with information on industry trends, selecting the correct software, and how technology can work to improve the efficiency in your department.

Reduce Legal Liability & Enhance Accountability: 8 Tips for Protecting Your Agency

Download our newest white paper to learn about the eight things your fire department should be doing to reduce legal liabilty and enhance accountability.



5 Ways Departments Can Better Prepare for Natural Disasters

Download this white paper to learn tips from Emergency Reporting (ER) customer Panama City FD and how they prepared for and handled the aftermath of Hurricane Michael.



How to Get More Grant Funding

This white paper explains what to expect when applying for grants, where to find them, and how to make the most of your efforts to receive them. It also covers a list of common mistakes made during the application process to watch out for.


Grant Writing Cover Image

Improving Your ISO Score with Fire/EMS Records Management Software

This white paper covers the basics of the ISO Public Protection Survey and how the rating scale works, the four areas that ISO grades departments on, and the specific ER reports or data that will be useful.


ISO White Paper

Data Drives the Fire Service, but Humans are in the Driver’s Seat

This white paper discusses the value of quality data in the fire service, the main components that define quality data, and the importance of education.


Data White Paper

How to Build a Smart Recruitment Program: Your Guide to Getting More Volunteer Firefighters

This guide contains helpful tips and advice on how leaders in the fire service can build a volunteer recruitment program that maximizes their agency’s resources and expands the reach they have within the community. It includes information on how to develop a marketing plan, as well as specific strategies to get more recruits interested in your department.


Recruitment Guide

Fire/ EMS RMS Software Buyer’s Guide

This free guide outlines some important things to consider when purchasing new Fire and EMS Records Management Software and includes an assessment checklist for defining your agency’s needs.


Fire EMS Software Buyers Guide

Annual Report Guide

This how-to guide will walk you through the process of developing a compelling annual report to share with your community.


Annual Report

Ten Useful Apps for First Responders

This guide identifies some of the most useful apps currently available for the fire service industry and gives in-depth information on pricing, features and functionality.


Ten Useful Apps

Defend Your Dollars with Data

This white paper offers insight on how you can use data to defend your department against budget cuts. Learn how to use data to get your community on board, as well as the type of data you can pull from your RMS that is vital in defending your budget.


Defend Your Dollars

How the Cloud Can Work for You

This in-depth guide into the world of cloud-computing breaks down some common myths about web-based software and explains the concept in easy-to-understand language.


How The Cloud Can Work For you

Maintaining Good Data

This document reviews the importance of data integrity for the purposes of accuracy in reporting, departmental organization, and community risk identification.


Maintain Good Data

Getting Buy-In For New Technology

A white paper on how to persuade decision makers and team members to adopt new and more efficient technologies.


Buy In For Tech