EMS and Fire Department Software Built by First Responders, for First Responders

At Emergency Reporting, we’re committed to providing an outstanding product and world-class service and support for those working in fire and EMS. To do this, we ensure that our team includes people who understand what your needs are, what your “pain points” are, and what would make your life easier.

Who better to understand this than those who have been in your shoes? Our staff currently includes many active and recently retired firefighters and EMS personnel with over 200 years of combined experience. Before they were Emergency Reporting employees, many of them were Emergency Reporting customers. They fully understand your needs because, like you, they have spent years answering the call for help.

In this post, we’d like to introduce you to three of our star team members, all of whom worked in the fire or EMS service industry for many years and all of whom make our products better for you.


Meet: Roger Parker, Emergency Reporting Regional Trainer

Fire Service Experience: Division Chief/Fire Marshal for 15 years


Tell us about your experience using Emergency Reporting as a Chief.

“When I started using Emergency Reporting I was able to transition our fire prevention program from reactive to proactive mode. ER moved our program from ‘Chaos to Compliance.’ Using the VISION product I was able to conduct a community risk assessment, establish our priorities and build a community risk reduction program in accordance with NFPA 1730. ER allowed our fire department to make better decisions based on good data, which helped us gain the trust and respect of City management and our elected officials. In turn we were able to better serve our community by providing the right services at the right time.”


Roger, now that you’re part of the Emergency Reporting team, how does your field experience benefit customers?

“Working for Emergency Reporting has been a great opportunity to help fire departments better manage their limited time and resources, increase their efficiency and make decisions based on good data. I understand fire and EMS service issues, demands, challenges and workflow processes, so I can better train departments and agencies on how to implement and utilize ER.


Meet: Tom Louis, Regional/DoD Trainer

Fire Service Experience: 22 years as a Firefighter/Paramedic, Captain and Battalion Chief


How does your fire or EMS experience benefit Emergency Reporting customers?


“Having used Emergency Reporting since 2004, I understand the data management needs of the fire and EMS service, from front line firefighters all the way up to the chief. After running thousands of calls during my career, I’ve used ER for documenting most of those incidents and for pulling high level data on my department’s performance. I didn’t get into the fire service profession to be a data manager, but it sure seems like I spent more time in front of a computer than running calls. My twelve years of system experience enables me to help users avoid pitfalls and adopt best practices that help them become their department’s Emergency Reporting experts.”


As someone who has worked in the fire service, what do you like best about the Emergency Reporting product?

“My favorite part of the system is the Training Module. The beauty of the Training Module is that it allows you to document your entire organization’s training and education at a very detailed level. I also like the fact that the entire system is every bit a communications tool as it is a records management solution. You do so much for your community. ER helps you tell your story. Our team is passionate about helping you communicate your value to decision-makers and the people you serve.


“I am also grateful to be part of an organization that truly values customer service. It’s what sets us apart from the competition.  There is no better software out there that can help you manage your department. That’s why I’m proud to have been a trainer with Emergency Reporting since 2011.”


Meet: Scott Streicher, Senior Director of Operations

Fire Service Experience: 14 years as a Paramedic and Fire Lieutenant



How does your fire or EMS experience benefit Emergency Reporting customers?

“My in-depth knowledge of fire & EMS administration and operations as well as governmental operations and practices allow for a unique connection to the customer. My previous role as a COO in an ePCR company gave me the opportunity to work with some of the largest fire & EMS systems in the U.S.  That experience, along with my work in the field, allows me to bring a vast amount of experience to my current role at Emergency Reporting.


“I have participated in hundreds of domestic disasters/accidents ranging from multi-unit structural fires, tropical storms, power outages, floods, and transportation accidents to multiple casualty/trauma incidents. My duties included training and operation of equipment related to fire suppression, extrication, technical rescue, truck operations and EMS.  These experiences have given me a unique understanding from the customer side and an ability to provide expertise and guidance in the best use of ER’s platforms.”


As someone who has worked in fire and EMS, what do you like best about the Emergency Reporting product?


“The services we deliver to our customers and the impact the Emergency Reporting platform has on departments is immeasurable. Other ineffective fire records systems that some customers previously used took them away from the core responsibilities and crew interaction that is so critical in this business.  But with ER, both fire and EMS clients have an easy-to-use system that is far less time consuming and allows for customizations that give them what they need.  It’s great to hear all the stories from field providers about how the ER platform has changed the way they’re able to do their jobs.”


Watch for more blogs on our Emergency Reporting staff with first responder expertise.