Life Meets Tech

Hello everyone! My name is Tom Louis and I’m the Lead Trainer for Emergency Reporting. I will be your guide during this new adventure. Thanks for joining me.

This series is about the intersection of technology and real life. I can get pretty enthusiastic about computers and gadgets, but I view (and use) them from a very pragmatic perspective. To me, good technology is about making our lives easier and more productive. Technology for technology’s sake simply isn’t enough. It must work and work well. Think of it like special effects in a movie: the effects should serve the story—not the other way around. That’s why the original Star Wars trilogy is an indelible part of our collective consciousness and why the prequels…well, not so much. Come to think of it, the “old-school” effects were far from perfect, but they sure worked well. Kind of like today’s technology: it is often excellent, but certainly not perfect.

“Technology for technology’s sake simply isn’t enough. It must work and work well.”

I will do my best to share myriad experiences (good and bad) with technology during my time in the fire service and in my current role with Emergency Reporting. I will also provide my perspective as a father, husband, and all around good guy! Some postings will involve Emergency Reporting, some about third-party software and hardware, and some will be about broader technology issues. It won’t be just about the fire service either. Sometimes it will be about the discovery of a new app or how my daughter schooled me on a new smartphone feature.

Thank you for being part of the Emergency Reporting Family. It is my sincere wish you find our system and this blog indispensable. Stay safe and thanks for reading.


Tom Louis
Lead Trainer

Disclaimer Alert: The content of this series will be my views alone and not necessarily the views of Emergency Reporting management or staff. Please know that I really love my job and am quite passionate being part of the Emergency Reporting team, so that bias will be present, naturally.

A couple caveats and ground rules: My blog series is not intended to be a platform for addressing support, training, or troubleshooting issues with Emergency Reporting. On occasion, I will share best practices, unique feature requests, and tips & tricks. A mutual respect between author and reader will guide the tone and all content. My hope is this blog becomes an interesting, upbeat, and enjoyable part of your very busy professional and personal lives.