Manage Your Inspections

Your department has a lot to keep track of. You have buildings to inspect, hydrants to test, apparatus to maintain, and inventory to restock all the time. Emergency Reporting is a central hub for keeping track of the tasks and all of the other essential information and resources that keep your station running to its fullest potential.

Our Occupancy and Hydrants Modules help you understand the risks and resources out in your community by tracking permit inspections, code compliance, fire protection systems, flow test data, and more. Our Maintenance Module allows you to conduct and record your daily, weekly, and monthly rig checks and track other vital information about your apparatus. The Inventory Module tracks all consumable items like latex gloves, batteries, and syringes. And in both modules, you can generate requests to repair, replace, or refill items when the time comes.

Tools to Help You Work Smarter

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