Getting Started is Easy


New clients are guided through the account activation and setup process by our team of implementation and training staff. To get you up and running as quickly as possible, a member of our implementation team will contact you to welcome you aboard and to discuss what we’ll need to get you started, beginning with NFIRS data and occupancies.

Once we’ve got your data imported, your account is created and configured with a few default settings, and a login and password are sent to you.

To help you make the most of Emergency Reporting, we offer a free two-hour training session to new clients within the first 60 days of activation. Our training staff are all active or retired firefighters who were once Emergency Reporting users, so they are uniquely qualified to help guide you through the system and make sure you feel comfortable with your account.

After onboarding, our support and training teams are always available to help answer your questions. We are passionate about getting you onboarded and off to a great start.