An Ohio Fire Department Explains Why ER is the Best Option

Many Fire & EMS departments across the country have been using the same old reporting and data management software for years – and they aren’t happy with it. But for many of them, the thought of switching to a new system may sound like a headache. What they don’t know is that changing to a new software like Emergency Reporting can be very easy.

Painesville City Fire Department in Ohio used FIREHOUSE for over a decade, but decided to look for a better solution after experiencing too many limitations with their old software. That’s when they turned to Emergency Reporting.

In our new case study, the Department’s fire chief, Mark Mlachak, tells us about his experience with making the switch. He said that at first, some of the firefighters were resistant to the change because the idea of learning how to use new software seemed daunting. But they soon discovered that Emergency Reporting makes switching an easy and painless process. They found that Emergency Reporting was much easier to use and flowed much better than their old software. Chief Mlachak details some of the top benefits of making the switch – including cost, efficiency, mobility and customer support.

 Click here to read the full case study on Painesville City Fire Department and learn more about what Chief Mlachak had to say about the benefits of switching. You can also visit our case study webpage, or read customer testimonials.

You can contact us for a free trial and see for yourself why so many FIREHOUSE customers are looking to Emergency Reporting for a better solution.

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