VISION Risk Assessment™

VISION Risk Assessment™ is a dynamic tool that allows departments to analyze and categorize risks present in their community, compare data to other departments, and generate the Occupancy Vulnerability Assessment Profile (OVAPscore for all occupancies within their response area. If you’ve ever been rated by the ISO or FUS and there was room for improvement, this is the tool you have been looking for to simplify the process of rating every building in your community.

VISION Risk Assessment™ allows you to do the following to analyze and understand the risks in your coverage area:

  • Calculate response time and plan resource deployment
  • Record the location and potential impact of hazardous materials
  • Determine the required fire flow needed to stop a fire at origin
  • Evaluate potential medical emergencies involving mass casualties
  • Utilize the power of our Google Maps Integration, included for free with VISION Risk Assessment™
  • View color-coded hydrants by GPM volume per NFPA 291

VISION Risk Assessment™ supports the CPSE accreditation process, and no software installation is necessary. It integrates with existing data, allowing you to compare your data to other agencies. VISION Risk Assessment™ is available as an add-on to the Emergency Reporting system, or as a stand-alone product.

This Feature Works With

Maps IntegrationFire Package