You Put Out Fires, We’ll Handle the Rest

I’m Adrian Mintz, and I am a Co-Founder and the Chief Operations Officer here at Emergency Reporting. I am also currently a volunteer firefighter at the Sedro-Woolley Fire Department, near the Emergency Reporting home office in the State of Washington.

One of our core values at Emergency Reporting is Consistent Innovation. A major project we’ve been working on this year that highlights our dedication to this value is our progress on automating the medical billing process.

Since the beginning of Emergency Reporting, our goal has been to eliminate burdens for emergency responders.

Medical billing is a key component of many agencies’ revenue stream. One of the drawbacks of medical billing, however, is that the necessary billing paperwork is usually completely separate from the normal records management functions at an agency. This leads to redundant data entry, waste, and overall reduced efficiency for the crew.

Emergency Reporting has recently released an automated medical billing process that seamlessly ships medical billing information to your billing company across Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP, a common method to move files in a secure fashion). In addition to the medical billing files, Emergency Reporting also sends along file attachments (e.g. hospital face sheets, EKGs, etc.) at the same time. This means that if the medical billing company processes the data, they can review both the medical billing information and the files that were attached to the PCR.

Now, you can complete a single report and meet their state reporting and medical billing responsibilities at the same time.

Since the beginning of Emergency Reporting, our goal has been to eliminate burdens for emergency responders. This new SFTP medical billing link is another part of our commitment to streamline process workflow and help the everyday firefighter and EMS provider.

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