Core Packages

Emergency Reporting’s web-based software equips fire and EMS agencies with powerful, easy-to-use, integrated, hosted, web-enabled tools for data reporting and station management. These tools can be accessed from any web-connected device, with no special workstations required, unlimited user licenses, and full technical support. Emergency Reporting offers a variety of packages with completely customizable modules and plenty of add-on products to meet the needs of agencies of all sizes.

Fire and EMS Package, Fire Package, and EMS Package

Fire and EMS Package, Fire Package, and EMS Package

With our NFIRS and NEMSIS Gold-Standard compliant technology, you can use the Analytics Module to track response times and our other 20 powerful modules like Occupancy, Training, and Hydrants to understand your team’s ability to respond effectively at a moment’s notice.

Federal Package – ER Government Cloud

Federal Package

More than 150 Department of Defense (DoD) agencies rely on our Federal Package for records management. Features specific to DoD and civilian agencies in the government include the Plus-One codes for aircraft incidents and Common Access Card (CAC) enablement for added security.



Our NFIRS and/or NEMSIS-only packages offer your state or agency a simple, easy to use tool for capturing, reporting to state and/or federal authorities incident data. Our NFIRS reporting is validated in real-time promising you with great compliant data!

State Packages – PA, WY and ND

Our state packages provide a powerful set of tools for tracking and reporting your NFIRS incident data. As the preferred vendor with the Office of the State Fire Commissioner in Pennsylvania, Wyoming and North Dakota, this package is provided free of charge to all fire departments in the state.

Safety Analytics

Track your department’s health and safety operations from end-to-end and assess your compliance with NFPA 1500. Know where your agency stands at a glance, track your department’s performance, and integrate health and safety into your management processes.

NEMSIS 3-Compliant ePCR

The next generation in compliant, patient care documentation, we are the only cloud-based records management software provider with a single report solution that covers both Fire and EMS incidents and is compliant with both NFIRS and NEMSIS 3 standards.

Add-On Products

Our team understands that every station is unique. All of our products come with integration options for the main product line. Whether you need an automated billing solution, Google Maps integration, or risk assessment tools, our integrated add-on products give you the flexible options you need to optimize your station management tool set.


FirstPCR is the electronic one-sheet made specifically for first responders. It relays a patient’s basic information right into your Emergency Reporting dashboard. It includes basic information, patient vitals, initial assessment, care procedures, and medications administered.

CAD Logo

Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) Integration

CAD integration seamlessly receives, configures, and downloads evolving data directly from 911 dispatch systems. It configures dispatch codes to agency codes, generates real time incident reports, and allows stations to run reports on the fly.

Google Maps Integration

Visually understand your district or coverage area in new and powerful ways. Map incidents, hydrants and occupancies by type, use advanced filtering to pinpoint incidents categorically, or even view color-coded occupancies by Hazard Score (add on with VISION package).


VISION™ Risk Assessment

VISION™ makes it easier for agencies to analyze and understand risks in their communities. Rather than relying on the ISO, you can rate every building in your community with VISION™. Available as an add-on to the Emergency Reporting system or as a stand-alone product.

Billing Link Icon

EMS Billing Link

First responders can transfer HIPAA-compliant patient care information from an incident reporting account to billing software, which expedites revenue recovery. Emergency Reporting’s billing partners can assist agencies that do not have an EMS billing company.

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