Emergency Reporting, a leading provider of Fire & EMS records management software headquartered in Bellingham, WA, is pleased to announce the release of its InspectER™ software, designed to provide access to critical data anytime, regardless of connectivity, during inspections. For fire inspectors, this means doing the inspection only once. For fire marshals and operations personnel, it means sharing data rather than using two different products that don’t sync. This affordable app is available now from iTunes, Google Play, and Windows Store. Watch this short, 1.5 minute video to learn more.

“We continually provide customers with the latest capabilities in the Fire & EMS software that runs their entire agency or department. InspectER™ is the latest product upgrade to further increase inspection efficiency, productivity and safety – for both fire department personnel and their constituents – as well as increase the efficiency of managing personnel workloads, which is normally very time-consuming,” said Executive Director Ed O’Neill.

InspectER™ features include:

  • Access occupancy and building information in the field, 24/7, whether online or not
  • Synchronize your data quickly (minutes vs. days)
  • Capture photos for each inspection observation
  • Read or edit occupancy and building information while conducting or reviewing inspections
  • Conduct custom inspection activities on your mobile tablet device just like you can when online

“More than 100,000 users around the world routinely vote on the products and services they need most and this is another example of one we were happy to provide,” said O’Neill.

“Products that work well in the field are a requirement for our customers,” said O’Neill. “We pride ourselves on having the best customer support team in the industry but our customers generally don’t need them. The same is true for InspectER™ – it’s highly intuitive,” he continued.

To inquire about InspectER™or other Emergency Reporting products or services, e-mail sales(at)emergencyreporting(dot)com or call 844-752-6066 opt. 2.

About Emergency Reporting
Emergency Reporting is a privately held Washington State corporation specializing in secure, Cloud-based reporting and records management software solutions for Fire & EMS agencies of all sizes, DoD/military branches worldwide, and large entities with self-contained Fire & EMS services like NASA, nuclear power plants, hospitals and oil refineries. With more than 100,000 users around the globe, Emergency Reporting is considered the most trusted and easy-to-use provider of Fire & EMS reporting management software.

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