Use this module to create and store all records, documents and other information related to Fire and EMS personnel training. Individual personnel can configure their Daybook to display scheduled [...]


The Shifts Module is all about scheduling. In this module, you can schedule personnel to populate the Daily Roster. Scheduling from Shifts is a great way to save time since the Daily Roster [...]


Use the Payroll Module to designate pay grades and assign, collect and report on hours and/or points for Incidents, Training, Events, and special items entered on timesheets. Bulk update payroll [...]


The Events module can track your agency’s contributions to the community outside of pure emergency services. You can assign personnel to participate in or conduct these events and document their [...]

Daily Roster

The Daily Roster Module helps you assign and track personnel and apparatus at multiple stations. View and edit all of the open, closed, and deleted rosters for your stations. Information from the [...]


The Calendar module displays a thumbnail view of department activities. You can configure the Calendar to display icons for different types of events. Click on any of these icons to go straight [...]


Create, control and maintain the master data and settings that integrate our system into your daily operations. Incident Settings Department Residency (for billing) Insurance Companies (for [...]