NFIRS: Why You Should Report Your Data

Although reporting your incident data may not be compulsory, the advantages far outweigh any downside. I’d like to begin by clearing up some misconceptions. Misconception #1: It’s a [...]

What’s Your Department’s Story?

What is your department’s ‘story’? Does it include the time C-shift rounded up some snakes and put them in the pillowcases of some A-shifters? If so, you may be thinking of a [...]

Why You Should Report Your NFIRS Data

Although reporting your NFIRS incident data may not be compulsory, the advantages of reporting your incident data  far outweigh any downsides. Before we get into why you should report your NFIRS [...]

Why Accurate NFIRS Data Matters

Data matters…big time! As a decision-maker and fire service leader, you already know this. So how do you convince the data-doubters in your organization about the value of [...]

Top 5 Tips: Reports Module

Welcome to our next installment of Top 5 Tips. This time we’ll take a look at the Reports Module. This module is your gateway to getting good reports out of all the good data your agency is [...]

Top 5 Tips: The Occupancy Module

Welcome back to another set of Top 5 Tips for Success. This time it’s all about the powerful Occupancy Module. 1) Always Begin with the Settings Section This one may seem obvious, but it is [...]

Top 5 Tips: The Maintenance Module Part 2

Hello, everyone. As promised, here’s Part 2 of the 5 Essential Tips for Success in the Maintenance Module. Tip #4: Making Incomplete Work Orders Appear Chronologically Hang in there with me [...]

Creating Powerful Post-Incident Analyses

Post-Incident Analyses (PIAs), After Action Reports, Incident Debriefings, Tailboard Talks…all are examples of what every fire department does after both major and minor incidents. In fact, if [...]


As firefighters, we typically think of exposures as adjacent property that is relatively close to a working fire. Chandler Fire (AZ) provides this definition in their glossary of fire terms: [...]

Mission-Oriented Worldwide

Since mid-April, I have been privileged to meet Emergency Reporting customers from around the world. These professionals are part of the worldwide community of firefighters, officers, and [...]

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